Board Member


The St. Louis Doula Project was established in May 2019, with the mission of ensuring that those who have been historically, or are currently, marginalized because of their identities have access to meaningful and robust support by providing doula services and creating a collaborative space for doulas to root in the community, further develop their skills, and establish their vital role as advocates within St. Louis’ maternity care system using the lens of reproductive justice. 

The Board of STL Doula Project is a committed multidisciplinary BIPOC team dedicated to improving maternal and infant mortality outcomes in the St. Louis Metro Area. We are looking for experienced doulas and birth workers who will put in the work to help us grow. 

STLDP applies the reproductive justice framework to all aspects of one’s life. Reproductive justice starts with addressing the intergenerational and systematic traumas and violence caused by racism and their lasting impact on the care BIPOC, immigrant, and LGBTQIA folks continue to receive. . Reproductive justice in action looks like reproductive healthcare that is informative, culturally competent, non-judgemental, and collaborative. Reproductive justice touches on birth justice and equity,  accurate and age appropriate information about sexual health, puberty and understand how menstrual cycles work for youths and adults, and accurate and informed treatment for all reproductive conditions free from shame, stigma, and stereotypes. 


The board positions are generally unpaid. If funding is available for specific tasks, an opt-in stipend may be offered. 

Required Experience: 

  • Birthworkers, Allied Professionals invested in Reproductive Justice (open to professionals in any field)
  • LGBTQIA Allied
  • Non-judgemental and Inclusive of all birthing individuals and birthing choices
  • Competent in Cultural Humility and Trauma-informed care
  • Some Board or Fundraising Experience
  • Desired Experience
  • Experience with GSuite, Word Processing, and Canva

Duties/ Expectations

  • All Board Members are expected to do personal fundraising throughout the year
  • Attendance at weekly meetings (usually phone or virtual)
  • Attendance at monthly or Quarterly strategic planning meetings

Potential Roles/ Tasks within the Board

  • Development
    • Grant writing 
    • Fundraising 
  • Volunteer Coordination
    • Recruitment 
    • Management
  • Social Media 
    • Content Creation 
    • Information sharing around birth topics
  • Program Management and Evaluation 
    • Budget management 

Application materials 

To Apply please complete the following application and send the following to [email protected]:

  • Application
  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Proof of Training (and any relevant certifications)
  • References (one client, one professional, and one personal)